Sean Ammirati Talks the Science of Growth at Innovate! and Celebrate

August 31, 2016

2:30 pm

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Startups strive for a lot of benchmarks. Between funding and team building, there is more than enough to keep founders and entrepreneurs busy. But there’s a metric more important than anything for investors when it comes to a startup: growth. Without it, it’ll be a rough road ahead. Fortunately, Sean Ammirati has captured the science behind startup growth, and willing to share his knowledge and advice with our attendees at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016.

Sean Ammirati

Sean Ammirati is a partner at Birchmere Ventures. Since 2012, his experience in building and selling businesses in the media and software industries has led to a wide range of beneficial investments that will likely shift the tech world in one way or another. The firm is one of the most diverse investor groups, in that they don’t focus on a particularly stage of startup development. In their eyes, the more agile the better.

“We have flexibility in the documents to do either of those,” said Ammirati to TechCrunch in reference to seed and studio startups. “But we definitely have in mind to do at least a couple of seed deals and make a couple of investments in studio companies in the next year.”

Sean’s ability to invest in companies is well-documented. His knowledge about what makes a startup great is perhaps his most valuable asset. With the publication of his recent book, The Science of Growth, he established himself as one of the most notable resource on how to make growth a staple of your startup. Between financial returns and VC’s breathing down your neck, growth is all about where you are in the startup journey.

“Startups go through a couple different phases of challenges,” said Ammirati to Next Pittsburgh. “And what we try to do in the book is help entrepreneurs understand where they are in the journey, and then what they should be focused on based on where they are in that journey.”

Sean Ammirati’s commitment to helping startups grow in a significant way is what the community is all about. Yes, unicorns are awesome, but the enemy of the startup founder is unreasonable expectations and overt jealousy. When you focus on your own journey and make the milestones you know you need to make, you’ll finally understand the science of growth.

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