Search For, and Compare Vehicles on Multiple Websites with iGrabber

June 3, 2013

11:00 am

I’m in the market for my first car. I spend most of my downtime scouring the web for the latest information and deals on the cars I’m considering. And with the reputation of car salespeople (sorry to all car salespeople who are reading this), it is important to do as much research as possible and to be prepared.

But as with online travel search, there are too many options for consumers to get the information they need and compare the best rates and offerings efficiently. Users need to search nearby car dealers’ websites, which is too time-consuming as it is. Add to it the many different vehicle search engines out there, and you could spend weeks just compiling prices and information.

In the vein of Kayak or, iGrabber is a true search engine that compiles all the available data from online dealer sites and third-party car discovery search engines into one place. Users can compare new and used cars beside cars for lease. With both basic and advanced search inquiries, iGrabber can give you as much or as specific information as you need.

iGrabber, in its beta version now, throws back more useful results than semi-competitors like or Autotrader, in my experience. The addition of lease-able cars that fit within the user’s search query is also an added bonus. However, like, iGrabber could benefit from dealer, online site, and car reviews from users. It is the only thing truly missing from the all-in-one vehicle search provider.

With the addition of reviews, iGrabber would be able to outperform the competition in another, and just as important, facet. Car buyers want to compare as many vehicles and prices as possible, but they also need to be able to add another layer of information to their car buying decision before they can properly choose. iGrabber addresses the need for comprehensive price and vehicle selection in one search and one place. If iGrabber can harness user or expert reviews of dealerships and vehicles, it may become the only car solution.

iGrabber was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail DC mixer.

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