Searchmetrics Offers Data-Driven Content Marketing Solutions

May 5, 2015

7:00 pm

Google has made it clear that any company that wishes to have a successful website needs to follow certain rules, including providing visitors with well-written content. The battle between offering this content while still taking advantage of the best SEO techniques can seem difficult to many business owners, especially when it comes to regularly updating their blog. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to do a lot of research and rely on trial and error in terms of what type of content will attract visitors and help boost your search engine ranking. Instead, you can utilize the data-driven approach that is offered by SearchMetrics.

Focusing on the Right Statistics

Getting people to visit your website or blog is the first critical step in any marketing campaign, but visitors alone do not necessarily equate to higher profit margins. For example, even if you publish a blog that gets 100,000 hits, your bounce rate could be astronomical if the content of the blog was not geared toward the correct target market. Additionally, statistics indicate that content has truly become king, but the most important way to attract and retain the attention of consumers is by using relevant keywords.

What Does SearchMetrics Do?

The SearchMetrics enterprise SEO platform enables businesses to take a closer look at exactly how well their website is actually doing from a content and SEO perspective. The dashboard has valuable statistics such as the overall traffic spread, conversions, and the site’s optimization percentage. This information alone could be used to improve a website, but SearchMetrics takes things a step further by incorporating real-time keyword optimization that will help you get the most out of your written content.

To better understand how this works, imagine that you are writing a blog post for a store that sells art supplies. The quality of this post needs to be high enough to please Google and your visitors, and you also need to use the right mixture of keywords to capture the attention of the desired audience. SearchMetrics identifies the type of content that works best for your company, and it will also give you a ranked list of keywords that have the highest likelihood of increasing your website’s traffic.

How Does SearchMetrics Make These Determinations?

SearchMetrics does more than just offer their enterprise SEO platform to website owners. They also have several other products, and they regularly conduct research studies to find out which companies and keywords are the main driving forces behind a long list of industries. In one recent study, SearchMetrics was able to determine that and are the most visible floral companies based on social media and Google searches.

Studies of this nature help SearchMetrics tweak their software accordingly, and this is beneficial to business owners. Ultimately, the main goal of every online company is to attract the highest possible percentage of consumers who are interested in actually completing a purchase, and offering quality written content that is properly optimized for Google is one of the best ways to make this happen.

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