Second Light Provides Social Outlet for Elderly Patients

June 6, 2013

9:00 am

“Most elderly care products are 10 to 15 years old right now,” says Ajay Pal Singh, cofounder of Second Light. “We wrongly assume that elderly patients do not care about the quality of the instruments helping them, or that they cannot learn to utilize technology. The reality is that they appreciate technologically relevant tools the same as the rest of us.”

Second Light is an elderly healthcare data collection platform dedicated to improving elderly patient care. The platform provides doctors and caregivers a succinct way to manage all relevant patient data, which in turn leads to better care for the patient.

At the same time, though, Second Light provides a service that cannot be prescribed or fixed by doctor visits: social connections. Elderly patients can use Second Light’s integrated social capability to connect to other patients, family, or friends.

“When you look at current medical tools and technologies for elderly care, you feel sick just seeing them,” says Singh.

It is no small fact that social media has drastically changed the day-to-day for most everybody, and all too often we assume that elderly individuals are unwilling to acclimate to a technological platform. However, the Second Light team does not accept that notion.

“These patients deserve to spend their time associated with society and not in isolation,” explains Singh.

Mental illnesses cannot be overlooked, and the power of positive thinking goes a long way. If patients are unable to leave their rooms, beds, or houses, the inability to connect with the outside world can be just as harmful as not being medically treated.

Second Light boasts an open platform that leaves plenty of room for outside developers to come in and design apps to further enhance the social experience for elderly patients.

The data collection methods tied in with Second Light – like medication regimens, doctor visits, or caregiver schedules – are crucial when it comes to ensuring optimal healthcare for elderly patients. With some great local models to follow, like Ecaring, Second Light will attempt to deliver a polished product on international markets over the next year.

Second Light was featured at Tech Cocktail’s San Francisco Mixer & Startup Showcase on May 22nd.

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