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December 3, 2011

3:45 pm

Looking for an app that is as secure as your bank account and stores all of your important documents and information to completely organize your life? Whether you’re a supermom, an executive, a pet lover, a friend, or a spouse, Personal is something you should know about.

Let’s say you’re a mom. Do you need a babysitter? Share your personal network with your babysitter, and the app instantly provides her with a list of emergency contacts, food allergies, things to do before bedtime, and your home’s Wi-Fi information (because, face it, your babysitter is on Facebook the minute the kids are in bed).

Personal is also a personal assistant. As a busy startup founder or employee, you can keep a record of business cards, meeting locations, important documents, and payment options for your clients.

When you get started, just choose from a series of Gems. Gems are apps within the app that let you choose your organizational needs, whether you need a gem to import data, upload forms, or make a list. Personal in action offers informational videos that walk you through the process.

Personal could be compared to DropBox because it is an easy way to share your information with others, but Personal takes it several levels above and beyond by creating an exchange of organized and secure information between the networks that you choose.

Most importantly, it’s available for your mobile device. Personal just rolled out their Android app, which provides the same core features and legal and security protections that are available through its web product, which launched in open beta on 11/11/11. Its release is a key milestone for Personal and its vision to give consumers more control of their digital identity.  The company plans to unveil its iPhone app in the coming weeks.

“Personal’s Android app lets individuals easily and safely access and share the details of their lives anytime, anywhere. There is no limit to the benefits people can enjoy when they become masters of their digital information and identity. Data will increasingly be needed for just about everything we do.” – Shane Green, co-founder and CEO of Personal.

The team behind the DC-based startup includes 5 co-founders, Shane Green (CEO), Edin Saracevic, Doug Wheeler, Tarik Kurspahic and Jennifer O’Keefe, who first met over 15 years ago during post-war reconstruction efforts in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The group then created The Map Network, which enabled places to create, own and distribute digital map data and location data. They exited with an acquistion by NAVTEQ in 2006 (a Nokia subsidiary). The band re-united in 2009 with the concept of a technology platform, business model and philosophy that puts people in control of their data, raised $7.6 million in funding and launched their beta last month.

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