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August 6, 2015

8:00 pm

Our world is dominated by social media, and teens are one of the strongest driving forces in that niche. Some social networks are even created by teens and young adults, like Facebook for example, but their role can be even more decisive: if they are tired of using a given service, they will move on to the next, which can be game changing for an emerging platform or even lead to the creation of new ones.

Speaking of Facebook, because it is no longer an “exclusive” place for the young anymore and given that many users are not happy with its policies, teens seem to be leaving it. And this is the perfect opportunity for new platforms to arise and capture that new market. A good example of this is Fling, a communication app that has a very unique model and is available on iOS and Android.

This UK-based app has quickly caught the attention of young boys and girls around the world. Fling can be looked at as a social platform, but also as a messaging app. However, it has a huge twist: each message, that can consist of a photo, a text or a ten second long video, will reach 50 random users, anywhere in the world.


That is, in fact, one of the most surprising aspects about this app: this model of delivering content. There are no defined recipients of the content, just those random 50 users that can be located anywhere in the world. Users can subscribe their favorite users, but cannot choose who will specifically receive that content.

If any of those 50 users like what they just received, they can then refling it, which will boost exposure and the reach of that content. With this, and very quickly, virtually any Fling user can become a “celebrity” within the platform, getting millions of followers in the blink of an eye. People who receive flings also have the option to reply, which will trigger a (private and direct) conversation between the two users.

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