Seeco: Get Connected with New Friends Offline

May 2, 2016

9:00 am

Finding awesome peeps online and getting connected with like-minded spirits is easier than ever. Yet, when it comes to real life making new friends or just finish someone fun to hang out with on the weekends may get tricky, especially when you a transplant in a new town. That’s exactly the problem Javier Estevez and Allan Reis faced when moving to NYC.

While there’s a good ton of dating and social apps out there, there was no real tool to help you connect with peeps face-to-face. Feeling lonely in an 8-million city is no joke. And that’s exactly how Seeco was born – a cool new social app offering a more genuine and down-to-earth way to make friends.

Why It’s More Than a Social/Dating App

The idea behind Seeco is to create a tech tool, which stages the ways of how people already meet in real life. While your typical social app encourages you to create a fancy profile and market yourself to other users, Seeco proposes a list of activities instead placed on the map of your neighborhood.

“When I just moved to NYC and was trying to make some friends, but ended up being fed up with endless chatting and no hint of what to do. So, I’ve started offering people to come and hangout together at my Bushwick neighborhood bar Duck Duck on a short-term notice. That’s how I made the vast majority of my friends,” – says Javier Estevez.

Getting connected with someone becomes more certain when both of you have an exact time and place to meet and that’s exactly what the app proposes.

How Seeco Works


Create a really simple profile to give a quick idea of who you are and what you do. You are also encouraged to login via Facebook for identity verification. Browse the map and see what’s going on in your neighborhood or create a hang yourself – a public or private event to share with other users e.g. a round of beers & darts at your local pub.

Specify what types are you eager to meet with – art lovers, fitness buffs, fellow entrepreneurs or just the fun and easy-going peeps. Edit, review and re-post all your latest hangs, leave reviews for the one’s you’ve attended, have fun and meet awesome new fellows in real life.

Cool Features



  • Choose a purpose for your gathering and customize gender combination, age range, distance and the amount of attendants.
  • Leave anonymous feedback on each hang that would impact the host’s ratings and provide feedback to other users.
  • Use the group chat feature to settle on all the details for your private event.
  • Co-host an app with another user.
  • Share your meetup on social media to attract even more potential friends.
  • Feeling bored? Got a friend bailing on you at the last moment? Find the closest hang next to you with geolocation services.

The founders also mentioned they plan to add a more detailed Facebook integration, which will allow you to discover hangs created or attended by people you share a connection with on Facebook. Breaking the ice will get even easier.

Right now Seeco is available as an iOS app only.

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