Seen: The Marketing Platform That Tells Your Brand’s Story

August 29, 2014

6:00 pm

Instagram isn’t just for selfies or posting pictures of your summer trip around Europe. As much as we use it to connect with friends and follow celebrities, it’s actually a huge tool for marketing. Brian Zuercher, the CEO and cofounder of Seen, is using the popularity of Instagram to help businesses create marketing strategies and reach consumers.

Seen is a marketing software platform for brands to manage, amplify and measure, campaigns on Instagram and Twitter.

“We primarily work with consumer brands, to create photo campaigns, contests, content strategy and audience development, “ says Zuercher, a Columbus native.

While Seen has worked with well known clients such as Ford, Ram, Bath and Body Works,  and the University of South Carolina, the company was originally a consumer travel application.

“We were building this application for consumers, and we were trying to utilize social data and other data that we had,” says Zuercher. “Around that time Instagram was coming out and it was growing in popularity, and we got hooked up with their team.”

The team at Seen – previously known as “FlyMuch” – quickly realized that there was an opportunity to use Instagram as a marketing tool and decided to make the transition to a marketing software company.

 The Future of Seen

 Zuercher’s plans for the company includes continued growth, but he says they really want to focus on integrating their clinet’s social channels with their marketing outreach and ultimately the entire business.

As his company moves forward, he also hopes to connect all the dots for companies to create a more fully integrated customer experience.

 “That’s one of our main goals and the value proposition of the company,” says Zuercher. “How are we going to do all this channel marketing, but how are we going to innovate this channel into other parts of the business?”

 Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

Zuercher says it’s understood that founders and CEOs should be passionate, but he says people should spend most of their time problem solving.

“Just focus on solving the problem you want to solve, or building solutions, it’s harder to do that than it is to just come up with an idea,” says Zuercher.

His advice for young entrepreneurs is simple: learn what you like to do and what you’re good at more focusing on than the status of your job.

“A lot of students get worried about this career path and this concept of what happens if I go and do a startup and I miss a couple of years of going to work in a big company,” says Zuercher. “I think there is a lot to be learned by doing.”

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