Seer’s New Email App Uses the Same AI Originally Developed for the CIA

April 10, 2014

11:00 am

Seer relies on the same artificial intelligence technology originally developed for the CIA, and today they have announced the release of their free iPhone app. Seer employs that high grade AI to help people manage, prioritize, and reply to important emails with no user input or setup.

To simplify, Seer CEO Conall Arora likes to give the elevator pitch that the app shows busy professionals who to email next. Further, Arora believes that our work and personal lives are becoming increasingly inundated with various data notifications constantly feeding us disorganized information.

The Seer team thinks that AI will eventually be pivotal in helping people prioritize their lives with regard to communications with colleagues, family, and friends. And while there are plenty of smart phone applications that allow users to manually create reminders and to-do tasks, keeping up with increased communication has depended on human input.

“We built Seer because most productivity apps we turned to ultimately cost us more time and effort than they saved us,” says Arora. “We designed Seer to help people move the ball forward on real work, rather than just shuffling it.”

The app is trained to recognize the way we solicit work tasks and communicate. It also recognizes important requests and filters those requests through smart algorithms prioritizing who you should email next based on your email history.

Seer also reminds you about people you may have forgotten to respond to while keeping track of contacts who, in turn, may have not gotten back to you. The platform was initially designed to sync with Gmail, but Seer’s team is planning on supporting additional email providers in the near future.

“The beta version of our iPhone app is the first step of our vision. We’re thrilled to get Seer out of the lab, into real work environments, so professionals can inform our roadmap and help develop even smarter artificially intelligent personal assistants,” says Arora.





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