Seevolution is Not Your Father’s Web Analytics Toolkit

May 20, 2011

12:00 pm

Ever wish you had X-Ray vision? How about on your website? Seevolution uses their X-ray tool to capture behavioral data of your website visitors, which includes data about how users are interacting with different parts of your website. It collects an unprecedented amount of data, including mouse movements, mouse clicks, data entries, and navigational information.

With this data, Seevolution applies event notifications, analytics and a unique application of a visualization technique called a HeatMap. HeatMaps essentially let you see statistical data as colors. For example, with a heatmap overlay on your webpage, you can quickly see things such as where visitors are moving their mouse, what they are clicking on and even how far they scroll on the page.  There is even a live view that lets you see click data in real time.

In addition to the X-Ray and Advanced HeatMap capability, Seevolution also provides a mini dashboard from the tool bar that provides real-time and trending metrics about your website utilization. Whether it’s the number of visitors that convert to a customer, traffic analysis or malfunction/uptime metric alerting, Seevolution collects the data and provides the functionality to monitor, analyze and understand the critical trends, both good and bad, that are important to your business.

To see how behavioral analytics applied to your website can benefit your business, check out Seevolution at Tech Cocktail Los Angeles on May 24, where they will be one of our showcased startups.

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