Send Self-Destructing Messages with Kaboom

August 1, 2015

2:00 pm

Never before has our society been more worried about privacy. If before it would be something somewhat easy to control, in today’s digital world that has become much harder, as most of our lives revolve around digital devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets, using services like social media, chats, instant messaging, emails, and so on.

The topic of privacy has been widely covered on in recent times with, for example, several reviews of private messaging apps. But privacy is, obviously, a concern spread across several media and several kinds of platforms, which is why this article focuses on another service, one that works on web browsers as well.

AnchorFree (creators of the popular Hotspot Shield application) is now launching Kaboom, a new application to send self destructing messages from your iOS or Android device to anybody on any social network. This free app lets users post and share pictures and messages that self destruct on different places, like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, or even email.

All these messages and pictures are deleted after a given amount of time or after the recipient sees it, something that puts users in control of their content and what they share on every social network. In order to send messages through Kaboom, users have to register for a free account, however, recipients do not need to create an account or have Kaboom installed on their phone in order to receive and view messages. Also, it is important to highlight that all messages are delivered in a secure HTTPS web link.

David Gorodyansky, AnchorFree CEO and founder, says that “Kaboom is meant for anyone who wants to share updates with friends, be it through text messages or on any social network, to stay in control of what they share and to have it disappear and not be persistent – this enables people to be more open and easy going when sharing”.

What is your opinion about this type of apps and, specifically, about Kaboom? Let us know in the comments.


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