SEO Wars: A New Hope

November 17, 2015

8:00 pm

Looking from a distance, the internet is an immense galaxy full of confronting fleets, hidden treasures, raiding pirates, and treacherous adventures. Right in the center of it, an SEO flagship seems to be moving into position to exchange fire with the Google’s mother ship. But, if we observe a bit closer, do we get a different picture? Is there really an ongoing digital war between SEO and Google?

SEO determines the content placement in search results based on a number of ranking factors. It creates the avenues that direct internet traffic and affect the prospects of businesses around the globe.  Google reigns supreme and sets the groundwork for the complex matrix of internet activities, including SEO campaigns. So, it seems that the opposing forces need to work together, but are they?

Leave Your Hat On

Those wandering the exciting digital frontier of SEO often find themselves facing a choice- light or the dark side. A white hat strategy refers to quality content, guest posting, internal linking and website optimization. A black hat, on the other hand, involves tactics of scraping, cloaking, link farming, etc. But, it does not matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice. A similar thing can be said about the hats.

SEO experts must pick a set of keywords, and this decision is based on thorough research, not assumptions. They make an effort to identify target customers, gain insights in the market and their competition. This is made possible by using excellent tools such as Google’s Traffic Estimator. Furthermore, digital services like Google Analytics and Seo book are used to track keyword rankings, related keywords and referring queries.


Design And Content

Another crucial goal for marketers is to create an appealing website that grabs the attention of visitors. A design also enhances your overall online presence, and affects various aspects from SEO to branding and conversion rates. Slow loading times, flamboyant commercials and pop ups turn away potential customers, partners and supporters. But, a fresh, clear and engaging outline that embraces current trends like parallax or responsive design boosts the SEO efficiency.

As the experts from Toast, a creative agency from Sydney, pointed out, though, quality content must accompany the well-thought design to increase the reach and viewership. It propels the ratings to go up naturally, because the content is in fact the product you are offering on a burgeoning internet market. With the release of Panda and Penguin algorithms, it became clear that content strategy must become a cornerstone of any digital marketing endeavor.

A Change Is Gonna Come

The only constant thing about search engines’ architecture is a change. Google wants to see organic and relevant results and match search queries with the best content possible. The corporation strives to find your website, crawl it, index the pages, and in the end issues a rank.  It certainly deploys some anti-SEO practices and modifies its algorithm patterns to create a hostile environment for cunning marketers.

It makes sense that Google wants to undermine SEO efforts and make people turn to bidding on AdWords. But, this search engine giant must focus on user experience and their satisfaction as well. That is why the focus is often on black hat tactics and penalizing sites that use them.  At the same time, Google protects the content from being duplicated or copied, which is a good thing.

The battle plan is not to annihilate the SEO, but to tame it and set clear borders. Google and SEO practitioners are on the same side when it comes to adhering to customer’s needs and wants. SEO does have a reputation of using manipulative and secretive tactics, but the industry has matured. Today, it is more about building a solid brand and product than cloak and dagger. Like it or not Google, SEO is an essential piece of expertise for internet marketers.

The Force Awakens

A story of SEO and search engines is a chronicle of ongoing battles with shifting odds and casualties on both sides. A digital landscape shifts and adjusts to these events, and the balance is restored, bringing forth a new hope on the horizon. The Google might want to amplify the impact of its own products, but it cannot do this by neglecting the customers’ habits and wants. Whether it leans to the dark side or the light, SEO is a force that binds visitors, marketers and search engines together in a one exciting cyber mélange.

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