ServiceWhale Home Improvement Service Saves Money and the Environment

March 23, 2016

4:14 pm

The entire process of having to utilize the assistance of a home improvement service can be tedious and expensive, but sometimes it really has to be taken care of. To help homeowners with this, there is a recently launched service called ServiceWhale: an online marketplace specifically designed for homeowners to purchase complex, big-ticket home improvement projects with ease.

The company has given notice that, only in the first few months of operations, the service has already saved homeowners over 320,000 hours, as well as a combined $2 million in savings on home improvement projects. These are astounding quantities of time and money savings, which are clearly positive for homeowners.

ServiceWhale understands the current global need for eco-friendly products; given that this service facilitates the connection between homeowners and contractors by eliminating unnecessary meetings with contractors and keeping the entire service online, ServiceWhale is also working to save the environment.

On their “Green” website, ServiceWhale provides real-time statistics about fuel and CO2 emissions, which are pretty impressive:

  • 400,000 pounds of CO2 emissions have been saved;
  • 1.2 million miles of unnecessary driving have been avoided;
  • 20,000 gallons of fuel have been conserved;
  • 50 trees have been rescued by going paperless.

ServiceWhale is very helpful for homeowners to obtain, quickly and effectively, customized prices for home improvements, which is normally obtained from local contractors. It is free for homeowners to use, as it requires no fees or down-payments, and the entire process takes minutes to complete.

Dmitri Saveliev, founder of ServiceWhale, commented on the usefulness of this service:

“With ServiceWhale we streamline the process of booking your next home improvement project. By seamlessly connecting homeowners and contractors on our platform, we save homeowners thousands of hours and dollars spent on their projects, while at the same time bringing real orders, not just leads to contractors. It is a true win-win.”


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