Share Videos Like Never Before With Vilynx’s Video Social Network

May 3, 2013

11:00 am

There are so many picture sharing services available that we tend to overlook the cousin to the digital picture: video. People use their camera phones for video recording every day, but seldom does an opportunity arise for organized and easily accessible video sharing.

Juan Carlos Riveiro and Hendrik van der Meer, growing ever more frustrated that their family videos were scattered across various media and devices, created a platform to solve this issue.

Enter Vilynx, a video uploading and sharing platform crossed with a social network. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Vilynx makes organizing your precious and often embarrassing (for me at least) family memories easy.

After a user captures a video on their phone, it can immediately be uploaded to your Vilynx account. Fret not, because video uploading is easy, speedy, and can even be set to auto-upload.

The platform works in conjunction with Box, Dropbox, YouTube, and Google Drive so users can send any video they have uploaded to Vilynx to those destinations. User accounts on these cloud storage services can be linked to Vilynx so users can send video back and forth seamlessly.


When you upload a video to Vilynx, the engine generates a thumbnail that displays one to four frames depending on how long the original video is. These thumbnails are displayed on your personal page, just like an image thumbnail is, but with an added twist.

After clicking the thumbnail, it opens the video in greater detail where the frames are played simultaneously for your viewing. These frames are selected to be played based off of analytical algorithms that detect motion, people, or scenery changes within the clip.

The highlighted scenes are typically the most interesting parts of the clip, but users can also view the broad spectrum timeline version of the video. The major scenes from the thumbnail will be highlighted on the timeline so users can see exactly when and where they occur.

Aside from connecting cloud storage accounts to Vilynx, users can also connect their Facebook and Twitter pages. If users want to bring video viewing even closer to home though, they can build a network on Vilynx for direct sharing and viewing.

“The number of videos, taken with the proliferation of the smartphone, has increased dramatically,” explains founder Winnie Root. “We predict that, like photos with thumbnails, people will not view a video without summaries in the near future.”

Vilynx was featured at Tech Cocktail’s San Francisco Mixer and Startup Showcase in January.


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