Instagram’s User Engagement Is on the Decline

July 1, 2016

11:10 am

Instagram, on the heels of their latest achievement, have had a decline of user engagement on the site. Research indicates that user photo sharing is on the decline, despite the app having surpassed over 500 million app users. Trends are indicating that there’s a major shift happening in how users share their lives online across various platforms – Facebook included – and for Instagram to remain successful, it’s important that they understand how to navigate these changes.

The decline in shares has been chronicled between 2013 and 2015. Still, this data has prompted strategies to be discussed on how to draw users back into rising in engagement. Increased push notifications and switching to a more algorithmic feed have been in direct responses to this information, but they aren’t enough to drive user engagement back up to match the levels of user visibility. There’s also the possibility of users being more comfortable engaging on rival social media app, Snapchat.

User engagement is vital for the continued survival of social media apps, especially in a constantly evolving tech industry landscape. Time will tell if Instagram will be able to bring their engagement back up, and whether users will respond positively to these changes.

Image via Stocksnap

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