Shipster is Re-Imagining America’s Shipping Status Quo

June 27, 2014

4:30 pm

Shipster has taken it upon their shoulders to reimagine America’s shipping and delivery status quo. They leverage excess capacity of shipping and transport companies to create an algorithmic, cross-country shipping network.

They have built an app to go along with their dream that allows businesses of consumers to simply submit a picture of any item for on-demand pickup and delivery anywhere in the world. And yesterday they began inviting new users to their exclusive platform.

The team behind Shipster made the decision to incorporate several service providers under one platform which gives them top notch coverage, convenience, and efficiency. The end result that Shipster hopes to accomplish is on-demand shipment pickups within minutes at equal or lower prices to existing services.

As it stands, most urban areas have several overlapping transportation systems: USPS, UPS, and FedEx operate over 350,000 combined vehicles. The redundancy here is that all of those vehicles run the same routes at less than full capacity, and Shipster is designed to eradicate wasteful shipping entirely.

“Back in 1973, Fedex founder Fred Smith built his company around a vision: the information about a package is as important as the package itself,” says Christian Vizcaino, CEO of Shipster. “Today, there is a lot more information about everything and we are harnessing it to build a faster and more collaborative approach to logistics. Our mobile platform provides the tools necessary to do this.”

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