Shlocker Is a Locker Shower for Those with Roommates

April 7, 2016

6:12 pm

If you happen to live in a shared house where you don’t have the closest of relations with your roommates, then you know how common it is for anyone to dip into a roommates bottle of shampoo sitting on the shower ledge, or using their shower gel. If this has happened to you, then chances are you wish(ed) for a way to securely store those things, safe from the “shower thieves”.

Now, there is a way to do this, in a very elegant way. Shlocker is a secure and convenient shower storage unit, that can be stuck to any shower wall. It keeps toiletries neatly in reach, behind a safe lock that ensures roommates have no access to each other’s personal products.

Shlocker’s creators and co-founders, Tal Berke and Stephanie Cummings, decided to create a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that’s been very successful. Within a week, over a third of the $30,000 has already been achieved, which gives great indications that product will be available next September, in time for the “back to school” period.

This shower locker is built with a durable and non-toxic BPA-free plastic, featuring an easy-to-use and waterproof 3-number combination lock. The door – that comes in five different colors (white, gray, blue, green and pink) to choose from – has several holes useful for drainage and air circulation, which are also small enough to not compromise the security of the contents.

Shlocker features two commercial-grade twist ‘n lock suction cups, each capable of holding 44 pounds (almost 20kg) of weight. They assure maximum strength and support on installation, assuring that the locker will not fall. These suction cups work on virtually any surface that is flat, dry and non-porous.

The back of the locker has four holes, allowing for a versatile installation. Inside the locker we can find enough space for several bottles of shower products, as well as a removable shelf that, when removed, allows for the storage of higher bottles and products.

Going until May 1st, the Kickstarter campaign still has some great deals for backers so, if you are interested in Shlocker, be sure to take a look at the campaign’s website.

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