‘Accelerating Serendipity’, Shortlist Helps You Make The Most Of Networking Events

March 7, 2012

2:45 pm

For anyone who’s previously attended SXSW, you already know that the festivities are nothing shy of chaos.  Undoubtedly the party is a large reason for the influx into Austin.  But, believe it or not, there are those who go to the interactive with business intentions.  For them, the chaos convolutes their objective.

At least that was the case for Jason Goodrich, CEO and co-founder of Shortlist.

When I attended SXSW in 2010, I was so pumped to be there. But I was immediately lost amongst the thousands of attendees. I was left wondering, ‘Who the hell is here?’ and, more importantly, ‘Who should I meet?’

And thus led to the creation this Chicago-based startup.  Shortlist’s mobile-social platform intends to maximize attendees’ time and opportunity at networking events.  When asked what the most important element of “accelerating serendipity” was, Goodrich responded, “Intelligent curation. We filter the noise that comes with large events. This means you get relevant information about the attendees you’re most likely to connect with, based on context, intent, shared connections, background, personality, phrenology. OK, not that last one.”

Shortlist received a small amount of seed funding from Excelerate Labs and New World Ventures and are raising a new round currently.

Goodrich has also founded A Space Apart, a social intranet for public spaces and events, and OfficePort a large Chicago co-work space.  He will be taking his latest venture to Austin as one of the featured startups at this year’s Tech Cocktail SXSW #StartupLife Celebration.  You can vote for Shortlist as the #StartupLife people’s choice contest.

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