NBA Superstar Klay Thompson Partners with ShotTracker

April 27, 2015

5:30 pm

When I met with Davyeon Ross at SXSW this year to get the skinny on his ShotTracker wearable, he told me to keep my eyes open for an announcement detailing a partnership with a certain NBA superstar. Today, Ross and his team officially announced that ShotTracker will be partnering with Klay Thompson, shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors.

Before we get into it though, I need you all to understand just how good at basketball Thompson is. This season he scored 37 points in a single quarter and nine three point shots in one quarter: that’s incredible, and, by all accounts, an NBA record.

Off the court though, Thompson will be working with ShotTracker to launch the world’s first Virtual Basketball Camp with workouts and drills designed by the athlete himself. He’s been using the ShotTracker wearable to stay on top of his game, and the tech will enable ballers everywhere to replicate his personal training drills that have cemented him as a legend.

“Klay Thompson is an amazing role model for young athletes and truly represents what ShotTracker is all about on and off the court,” says Ross. “The Virtual Basketball Camp gives basketball players everywhere the chance to train with one of the best NBA players of this generation.”

The Virtual Basketball Camp brings a live, elite camp experience to players with daily workouts that are sent directly to participants via the ShotTracker Player App. There, players can track their stats next to Thompson’s stats, as well as enjoy the live leaderboard. Using the ShotTracker Coach App throughout the camp, Thompson will then be able to see participant stats on his end and encourage and challenge players via social media.

Additionally, this exclusive partnership includes a multi-year endorsement deal with Thompson. He’ll work with Ross and the rest of the team to collaborate on all future product development for ShotTracker and give input from his hands on experience improving the game.

“The off-season is when players can really focus on their weak spots and make huge improvements,” says Thompson. “The work put in during the off-season has a direct impact on success during the regular season. To get where you want to be, you have to train with game time intensity all year long. ShotTracker helps players do this and holds them accountable.”

ShotTracker and Thompson will kick off their camp on June 21 and operate it until June 28. Participation for anybody is free, but you will need a ShotTracker rig, an iOS or Android device, and a basketball hoop.

My fellow ballers, don’t pass up on this opportunity. Get out there and start setting your own records!

Image Credit: ShotTracker video posted in article 

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