ShoutFlow: Another Social Network for Your Personal and Professional Life

November 26, 2011

2:00 pm

A new app called ShoutFlow wants to create a non-intrusive social network by hooking you up with people that you haven’t met, but who share common interests and mutual friends.

Let the comparisons to 2 other social discovery tools we recently covered begin:

Converge pulls data from social networking sites to help you meet new people, romantic interests, and potential roommates.

Hyphos provides you with the closest group of friends you never knew you had – their platform allows you to find people around you based on interest and location.

ShoutFlow is a sexy app, offering an attractive design and easy-to-use and familiar features, such as uploading pictures; suggesting favorite bands, books, and movies; providing status updates; and filling out a full profile.  Hmm, that sounds a lot like Facebook.

On their site, Shoutflow says you can use it for networking professionally and personally.  But if you already use LinkedIn and Facebook, I honestly don’t know why you would also use Shoutflow.  While the app may be beautiful, it is entering a beyond-crowded marketplace.  Perhaps their business model is based on a liquidity event or IPO?  What do you think?

If you try it out on your iPhone, let us know how this might complement Facebook and LinkedIn – or why it is better than Converge or Hyphos.  Leave a comment below.

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