Shrick, the App Revolutionizing Extreme Sports

August 3, 2015

10:00 pm

Social media has truly revolutionized our world, and in more ways than one. With it, information and content (be it visual, like in photos and videos, or written) are immediate and overwhelming, with huge amounts of content and data spread around each second.

In an age where mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are widespread, being in the pockets and/or backpacks of each and every one of us, it should be no surprise that “specific” social networks or platforms are being created – that is, social networks dedicated to a single theme or subject.

Shrick is a very good example of this – it is a social platform that aims to congregate “every daredevil out there”. It is intended for people practicing extreme sports like snowboarding, skating, surf, BMX, you name it. Shrick aims to unite action sports riders and fans of extreme lifestyle.

This app allows users to take, share and even edit, with useful tools like slow motion or fish-eye, their photographs and videos of them riding and practicing their favorite extreme sport. However, Shrick was not made just to share successes and spectacular jumps and tricks – it is also for failures.

Shrick also provides the opportunity for fans to follow their favorite pros, as well as to take a look on where they are, what they are doing and even what gear are they using. Julia Rick, wakeboard World Champion, thinks that Shrick “is a perfect way to share your tricks with whole community. As a pro-rider I use it to keep my followers updated with all my new photos and videos”.

FMX pro-rider Ben Milot stated that he loves the app by saying that “it is the coolest social media 100% action sports, finally! In my sport, Shrick is one of a kind”, a feeling that is seconded by Nick Digeloroma, BMX pro-rider: “I like how you get to see people shredding on tons of different sports”.

So, if you are into extreme sports and want to share and/or be up to date with what people are shredding, be sure to give Shrick a go – it is available for iOS and Android, for free.

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