This App Has Blown Up on Reddit and It’s Only Available for Android

July 8, 2015

3:00 pm

Do you ever find yourself just sitting on your couch literally doing nothing but, well, sitting and…I guess…breathing? Or maybe you’re lying in bed praying for your body and mind to enter a state of eudaimonia, but instead find your soul encumbered by an overwhelming cloud of boredom? Posted to the Reddit community two days ago on r/entrepreneur, the Shuffle My Life app was created to help fight against these periods of boredom – and it’s gained a lot of popularity since it was first posted. The only issue? Well, it’s only available to Android users.


“Ending boredom has been a goal of mine ever since 2011, when I was home from university and so, [sic] incredibly bored,” writes Reddit user thesoundofthenoise. “I took the family dog for a walk around the park, thinking about how I was in a rut – just doing the same things every day and never really experiencing anything new. I’ve heard people try and rationalize why time seems to speed up as you get older, and one popular explanation is that you’re on autopilot throughout the day and so there’s no reason for your brain to create new memories. Ever notice that you don’t remember much of your commute to work this Wednesday?”

After working on it for four years and going through eight iterations of the app, they launched Shuffle My Life two days ago on Google Play for Android users. As it stands today, the app averages a 4.5 rating from 98 users on Google Play, while the initial Reddit post has received enough upvotes in the past 48 hours alone to rise to the top of the r/entrepreneur subReddit.

So, what is it exactly about Shuffle My Life that has everyone hyped up? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. You see, the app is really just a set of digital cards with various to-dos listed on each card  from “get a takeaway meal” (order takeout from anywhere) to “be lectured” (watch an online lecture). The stack is shuffled and the idea is to do exactly what the next card in the stack advises you to do. Really, they’re all things and activities that any conscious, breathing human being can write on his/her own on stack of index cards. Maybe, what’s so appealing about it is that users of the app themselves don’t actually have to come up with activity ideas themselves (I’m sure we can all relate to an inability to process creative thoughts when in a state of utter boredom).

Right now, Shuffle My Life is only available on Android, but the creator assures the Reddit community that his/her next step is to create an iOS version.

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