Silicon Students’ Crowdfunding Campaign Will Improve Their Young-Entrepreneur School

August 26, 2014

3:07 pm

There seems to be no shortage of early-stage entrepreneurs these days, but many find themselves relegated to isolated environments. It can be difficult to find like-minded peers and experienced entrepreneurs who might be able to help them bring an idea to fruition.

Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa and Edouard Foussier co-founded an organization, Silicon Students, to tackle this very problem and unite entrepreneurs via an academy of entrepreneurship. And Silicon Students have today announced the launch of a $10,000 crowdfunding campaign to improve their entrepreneurship education programs and events.

The main program Silicon Students features, Startup Dream Team, is a highly selective two-month summer boot camp for aspiring startup founders. Held in San Francisco, the goal is to provide talented students access to an educational environment that, in turn, gives the students the proper resources, skills, and networks to become successful.

Maintaining a high focus on international talents, Startup Dream Team specifically helps 18 to 25 year old entrepreneurs. Each student will receive weekly mentorship workshops where they sit down alongside tech industry greats like Tony Conrad to learn, for example, how to properly pitch a VC.

Outside of mentorship, Silicon Students will give their participants an opportunity to travel within America and learn about some of the great tech ecosystems. In addition to Los Angeles, they’ll also spend 4 days in Downtown Vegas during Tech Cocktail Week to get an inside look at the Downtown Project.

Everything will culminate in a massive demo day, in which the students will pitch their ideas in front of over 100 people.

“We believe Entrepreneurship can only be learned through the practical experience of it. That’s why our role is to create the right environments where students will learn entrepreneurship by experiencing it,” says Ntiruhungwa. “That’s how you teach the unteachable.”

Silicon Students has seen some early success, but they want to keep the wheels running. Still a bootstrapped organization, the team is aiming to organically and naturally leverage crowdfunding to build a strong community.

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