SimpleTix, The One-Size-Fits-All Online Ticket Sales Platform

February 21, 2012

8:00 am

Whether you’re selling tickets to a small yoga class or a large concert venue, this process can be synonymous with headache.  On one hand, you have the customizable software option, but that’s a massive upfront cost.  On the other, you can use a third-party client, but they’re going to ask for a large slice of the pie.  Both options have their obvious drawbacks.

Enter SimpleTix.

This DC-based startup “brings a professional-grade ticketing application to venues that do not have the time or budget to pay for custom e-Ticketing software.”   SimpleTix differentiates itself by being strong in three areas: features, price, and international customization.


SimpleTix isn’t just a platform to sell tickets, it’s a full website.  Whereas other ticket applications only manage the sale of tickets, SimpleTix allows you to seamlessly include a full store to sell other complimentary products along side your tickets.  Additionally, SimpleTix fully communicates with your box office to keep one central inventory.


Whereas other third party sites take more than $1 per ticket sold (plus a small percentage), SimpleTix takes only $0.50 for each ticket sold.

International customization

SimpleTix’s interface can easily switch between a variety of languages and currencies, making it a big player internationally.  “We already work with over 23 international payment gateways,” says Aron Kansal, SimpleTix co-founder and CEO.  “All of our advertising dollars are spent overseas and in Canada.  We don’t even bother with America, it’s too saturated.”

Although still relatively young, for Kansal, SimpleTix has been in the making for the better part of a decade:

“I did a lot of web design work to pay for my tuition.  I was hired by a small theatre in Canada to build a ticket sales platform from scratch.  It all evolved from there.”

Thus far, Kansal’s ticket platform has been entirely self-funded, but does not rule out financing moving forward.  Right now, however, he and his team are pre-occupied with improving the old and building new features.

SimpleTix was one of the featured startups at last week’s Tech Cocktail DC Mixer.  

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