Simplify Day One Training With Onboardia

November 27, 2013

5:00 pm

When bringing on new hires, no matter how many times you’ve gone through the process, the onboarding and training process can take forever. Day one for a new employee is often consumed by paperwork and introductions, taking up valuable time and resources. Not at all efficient.

Named one of 2013’s Top HR Products by Human Resource Executive Online, Onboardia is an online subscription program for organizations that offers “day one” training and onboarding for temps and new hires.

The site was founded by Cathy A. Reilly, who has more than 20 years of experience in human resources. From her experience, she determined a way to get new hires up to speed quickly and effectively.

Onboardia provides a complete master training program template that can be customized to fit your company and the experience you want to provide. For example, you can upload your company logo, videos, images, or documents. These items can be edited or rearranged to your preference.

The platform is web-based, secure, and easy to use. It streamlines the paperwork process for new hires, including items for payroll, benefits, company policies, guidelines, and performance expectations. Because all of these processes are automated, you save on time and labor.

“Every new hire or contingency employee is going to have a knowledge gap about even the very basics of their new company as they get started,” Reilly told Noobpreneur. “These basics include topics such as corporate culture, teamwork, policies, performance and behavior expectations, getting things done, socially connecting inside the company and key people.”

The onboarding process also becomes much more consistent, which helps new hires to start out on an even playing field. Onboardia allows new employees in all industries to quickly become productive members of the team, which is better for everyone involved.

In addition to training for new hires, you can also create your own training programs for internal training or for customer tutorials.

The platform is subscription-based, with pricing according to number of employees at a company. It starts at $500/year for a company of up to 50 employees. Then $800 for up to 100 employees, $1,500 for up to 250 employees, etc. There is also a one-time setup fee of $795.

Each subscription offers up to five training libraries with unlimited access to each, but you can purchase more libraries if you need them.

Get started with a demo of Onboardia today for simple, effective onboarding. It’s a great platform to consistently help new hires become productive sooner.

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