SkyOcean: Creating an Incubator to Connect Asia to the World

July 24, 2015

10:00 pm

China, the country with the largest economy next to United States, certainly attracts many foreign investors from all over the world. With its rising economy for the past few years, there’s been a growing potential market in its Mainland considering the fact that it owns nearly 20% of population in the world.

China’s economic development and the growing demand of new technology from around the world are perhaps two of the main reasons why the internet technology brand Skyocean International Holdings started the Comb+ – the hub aimed at creating a first-class ecosystem for ambitious startups in accomplishing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Incubator Companies n China

(Image Courtesy of Skyocean)

With its unique thinking that makes it capable to sweep over the culture, technology, and industrial property sector, SkyOcean believes that there are two major wheels promoting human progress consists of culture and technology.

There are various ways entrepreneurs can benefit from the service Comb+. For one, it will provide them with a better atmosphere to focus on their business. Similar to that of WeWork and WeLive, the space aims to satisfy any entrepreneur’s work and leisure needs. Another excellent advantage for the hub is its “national culture and the integration of science and technology demonstration base”. In fact, the same policy increased the public entrepreneurship and innovation levels in June as it increased the influx of foreign investment and creative foreigners starting their business in China.

With that being said, Comb+ aims to build a global platform for entrepreneurship – both in China and beyond. Hence the goal of connecting Asia to the world.

What does this mean for Chinese entrepreneurs and business owners looking to target the China market?

With a power hub to accelerate growth for startups and entrepreneurs in its capital city, Beijing, any entrepreneur looking to start their technology business in China will find an environment where talent, creativity and innovation can be cultivated and entrepreneurial dreams could be made reality.


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