18 Sleep Tips That Are Backed Up by Science [Infographic]

March 21, 2017

5:50 pm

Getting a good night’s rest is imperative for budding entrepreneurs. While many startup founders believe that burning the midnight oil can improve their chances of success, dozens of studies have shown that a healthy sleep cycle can do wonders for your productivity. And if you don’t be believe me, science has got my back.

Thanks to the bevy of scientific studies being conducted on sleep, Get VoIP was able to put together a comprehensive infographic filled with scientifically-backed tips that will help you fall asleep easier than ever before. Whether it’s doing away with vices, putting down the smartphone before bed, or cranking up the thermostat before snuggling up with a blanket, these tips work.

While many people, especially entrepreneurs, believe that sleep is merely for the weak, they couldn’t be more wrong. Not only does productivity notably improve after a good night’s rest, one’s overall health is often directly linked to how much sleep they’re getting.

“Sleep quality and duration should be considered a vital sign, as they are strong indicators of overall health and quality of life,” said Kristen Knutson, PhD, National Sleep Foundation.

If you want to be healthier, more productive, and generally a better person, science couldn’t be screaming the answer any louder: you need to sleep! Stop justifying your smartphone usage before bed as “a professional necessity.” Manage your stress so you can doze off right as your head hits the pillow. And, most importantly, read the tips below to make sure you know the best practices for getting a good night’s rest.

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