Some Smart Appliances to Deck Out Your Smart Home

August 21, 2014

7:30 pm

Undoubtedly, the groundbreaking computer expertise and the creative house designers have uplifted convenience by taking home functionality to new levels. This is evident in the form of a new model called smart home. Do not worry; your home does not change in terms of size and shape but rather in terms of functionality as almost every electrical piece is connected to a computer system.

There is no longer a need to rely on manual forms of response-triggering like switches and set top boxes. Rather, you now get to control every bulb, smartphone, TV, and the thermostat remotely from a digital database. It’s almost like something from Star Trek or James Bond movies.

All electrical devices in home are maintainable with a laptop or remote control. They will know when to start and shut down, how much power to store, and how to manage themselves. However, you need smart app enabled accessories or appliances in operation. Here’s a look at some commonly used smart appliances:

Baby Monitors for Ease

Baby Monitors

The just-delivered mothers need to sleep well, which means they cannot afford to get up several times at night. To ensure this, several smart baby monitors are out in the market, which ensures safety of the baby as well as sound sleep for the mother. Such a monitor comes with a camera so that the mother or father in another room can see and hear what their newly born is doing. There are even sensors to detect temperature and humidity level and alert the same to parents when unpleasant. The modern monitors allow you can speak to your baby to make her or him sleep without moving out from your own bed.

Intelligent Thermostats for Comfort

Nest Thermostats

Have you ever heard of a thermostat that works on its own to control temperature and humidity after learning and remembering your preferences? Well, this is exactly what Nest thermostat does. It comes with learning sensors and software to control the home temperature automatically after learning for how you control the overall atmosphere.

In case you need to control only a central source, you have several smart thermostats to choose. Most of them are capable of assessing the outside temperature to suggest a money saving plan.

Powerful Chargers for Efficiency

efficient charger

There are a few smart switches that allow plugging a non-smart device into it and then into an outlet for charging. The benefit of doing so is efficient charging, as these switches use motion sensing to charge devices in your absence. Further, they are capable of offering a real-time and past record of power consumed. Isn’t that smart charging?

Smarter Locks for Security

Door Unlocking

Sensing the movement and unlocking the door is a known fact. However, the modern locks are smarter, as they unlock by sensing and communicating with your smartphone when you are near the door. They can even lock the door automatically once you close it.


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