8 Smart Kitchen Solutions for a Connected Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014

10:00 am

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is never easy, to put it simply. Even if you’re eating by yourself it can be draining and difficult to nail all the different dishes and their complexities; getting the turkey perfectly cooked and not dry is maddening sometimes.

Thankfully humans have been riding the hype train that is the Smart Home. Specifically, the kitchen has been a hot spot of innovation for smart gadgets and the Internet of things. Since the 2014 International CES, it seems that more and more technologies have been springing up around this market.

A lot of the theoretical concepts, like the Whirlpool Cooktop, have given others inspiration for redesigning aspects of the modern kitchen from the Internet of Things gadgets all the way to large appliances. This year at Thanksgiving, you can take advantage of the innovation to take your cooking to a whole new level of ease and precision.

Here are 8 ways you can have a connected Thanksgiving:

Smart Scales

Drop: Everybody has their favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, and for a lot of people it’s the pie. But how many times have you seen freshly baked pies on Thanksgiving over store bought? The Drop Kitchen Connected Scale and Recipe App were designed to help anybody bake beautiful and delicious creations regardless of experience. The scale will do all the math for you, and it’s got hundreds of built in recipes.


Prep Pad: This smart food scale gives you real-time insight into your food via visualized protein, carbohydrate, and fat counts on their Countertop app. It’s carved from a single piece of aluminum and can support up to 15 pounds of weight. The top surface is made with non-porous recycled paper composite that can be easily cleaned as well. The Prep Pad automatically pairs with the app via Bluetooth and connects you directly with your food.


Big Appliances

Chatty Fridges: Both Whirlpool and LG have built new-age refrigerators that interact with you beyond the simple opening and closing of the door. Their models will actually tell you when your food is going out of date, what’s inside the fridge, and what meals you can make with what you’ve got. Oh, and you can check them with your smartphone.


Discovery iQ 48-inch Dual-Fuel Range: My inner kitchen-nerd is drooling over this one. Announced at CES, this $12,000 appliance sports two ovens, six gas burners, and a 7 inch Android tablet as part of the control display. You can search for recipes with the tablet, or you can just kill time playing 2048 while your turkey finishes.



iDevices Kitchen Thermometer: Getting meat cooked perfectly is actually easier than you might think, and the key to nailing it is having an accurate fix on the internal temperature of the meat. This device uses a probe to monitor the temperature of whatever meat you’re cooking before it relays the data back to an iOS device. Avoid cutting into the meat before its finished cooking; you’ll save your sanity and the juiciness of the meat.


Admetior Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale: This is a fantastic smart gadget for when you need to measure obscure quantities of spices, liquids, or recipe components to a T. It provides instant measurement of weight up to 3,000 grams, or 105.8 ounces.


HAPIfork: Eating too fast leads to poor digestion and weight control. On Thanksgiving it could mean the difference between getting every last bite of turkey goodness and tapping out early. With indicator lights and gentle vibrations, it will alert you if you’re biting off more than you can chew, literally.


Do it Yourself

littleBits: The world of the Smart Kitchen might be young, but it’s limited only by the imagination of humans. I recently wrote about littleBits’ DIY Smart Home Kit, and using their system you could fashion any number of devices to help you cook this year: think Doc Brown’s breakfast contraption from Back to the Future, if it actually worked, paired with 21st century innovation.


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