Smart-Lock Company OKIDOKEYS, Launches Concierge App RentEZ

January 5, 2015

11:07 am

Mobile Key solution provider OKIDOKEYS, announced today during CES 2015 the launch of RentEZ, a virtual concierge app that gives home sharing hosts and rental property owners a convenient way to offer a professional menu of amenities and services to their guests. OKIDOKEYS will officially launch its smart keys and locks at the International CES 2015.

Guests can use the RentEZ app to access information about property amenities and user guides, and book local activities and services with one click.

OKIDOKEYS has previously launched Smart Locks and Smart Keys for hotels throughout the country, and by launching this new app for renters (Airbnb hosts as well as HomeAway owners), shows a shift in the hospitality industry.  Meaning, we’ve seen how the sharing economy has influenced the hotel business, but there may also be a demand for certain services for those renting. Seems like both hotels and renters are tying to keeping up with demands of customers.

RenteEZ is powered by the Hotelcloud platform, an NYC based startup, which helps hoteliers increase sales and generate new revenues through pre-negotiated partnerships with local attractions and businesses. The app allows hosts to provide the guests who rent the properties with an online concierge platform to access interactive guides of the available amenities, discover events in the city and book local activities and services.

“Airbnb hosts as well as Flipkey and HomeAway owners can offer the RentEZ services to make a property more attractive to renters,” says Pascal Metivier, founder and CEO of OpenWays and OKIDOKEYS. “Our extensive background in the hospitality industry gives us deeper insight into the expectations of modern travelers. Now that our Smart-Locks are available worldwide, adding hotel services to our offerings for the rapidly expanding home sharing economy is a natural step.”

So what makes RentEZ unlike any other Smart Key options in the market, is that it brings security and concierge to the rental business. Once the Smart-Lock is installed, you can lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone, while content and services are provided by Hotelcloud. Just because you are saving by renting, doesn’t mean you don’t get the perks of staying (and in the case of the renter, managing) at a hotel.

“Our mission is to provide individual property owners with the same hotel amenities and comforts, such as concierge services that we do for our hospitality customers,” says David-Benjamin Brakha, founder of The Hotelcloud.

OKIDOKEYS will be showcasing at CES  in Las Vegas this week.

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