Add the Smart to Your Smartphone with ToothTag

May 23, 2011

11:30 am

ToothTag, a new app from NeuAer, makes your smartphone truly smart by letting you “tag” Bluetooth and wifi enabled devices that are within proximity of your smartphone.  The ToothTag application is currently only available on the Android platform due to the multi-tasking support required by the app.

ToothTag shows the power of NeuAer’s ProxPlatform by providing useful functionality that you can use in the real world.  Devices you tag don’t have to be paired with the phone, and as a result, you can use Bluetooth devices in new ways. As an example, you can tag a Bluetooth earpiece and stick it in your child’s pocket. Then if your child wanders out of range, you get an alert.  Another example is tagging the location of your car so that its location is marked on your phone’s map.

The app also allows you to do more sophisticated things like “follow-me” call routing between your cell phone and a VoIP phone.  The platform provides an API and open rule set type functionality that allows developers to create a vast array of applications, behaviors and event based interactions.

If you’ve got an Android phone, download ToothTag and check it out.  If you’re a developer and want to roll out sophisticated proximity enabled applications, check out the developer section and APIs from NeuAer.  You can also meet the team and check out the technology at Tech Cocktail Los Angeles on May 24, where they are one of our showcased startups.

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