Smartmarker, the Gadget to Revolutionize Your Old Whiteboard

February 26, 2015

9:00 am

Whiteboards are handy tools for schools and offices, and they’ve been around for some time now. They are very useful to write on using dry-erase markers, making for a much easier and cleaner process than what we had before, with the old chalkboard. But whiteboards are also useful, for example, to project things onto.

Unlike their projecting counterparts, like projectors and computers, whiteboards themselves have not evolved that much through time. However, this is bound to change, at least taking into account Equil‘s latest innovation – let’s meet the new Smartmarker.

As the name suggests, Smartmarker is a new and smarter way of writing on whiteboards – an evolved version of the conventional markers. The most highlighted feature is the ability to stream, on the spot, what is being written on the whiteboard. The stream is made to a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer – not just locally, but to virtually anywhere in the world using the Internet.

This is perfect for teams working remotely or even for conferences where participants are not physically present, as it gives way more degrees of freedom presenting and hardware-wise: with Smartmarker, the need to film what is being written on the whiteboard is eliminated, with abroad users being able to painlessly receive that content on their devices.

Smartmarker also adds a sense of perpetuity to the whiteboard. Before, and unless users copied or photographed the contents written on it, information from a whiteboard would be lost for good as soon as it was wiped – with Smartmarker, it can be easily stored and viewed later.

Smartmarker works not only with whiteboards, but with glass or other whiteboarding surface as well. And is portable too, which makes it perfect for people who often use these surfaces on different locations. However, Smartmarker is limited to surfaces up to 16 feet (5 meters) in width, and 5 feet (1.6 meters) high. It is compatible with normal dry erase markers, and its battery is powerful enough to hold for a week of normal use (or 8 hours if used continuously).

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