E-Commerce Landscape Forever Changed by Smartphones

September 13, 2014

2:00 pm

E-commerce, a phenomenon that was once foreign to India, has now established a strong base in the market these days. In fact, shopping, that once involved visiting shops and stores to check out the latest products, has now transformed into checking for products online for today’s generations. E-commerce has indeed changed the face of shopping all over the world and motivated people to shop extensively to get home essential and luxury products.

The advent of mobile phones, smartphones in particular, has given a new dimension to the world of E-commerce altogether over the last 2-3 years. People, after all, love shopping with ease, comfort and convenience and smartphones offer you all!

In the smartphone era of today, even E-commerce has been widely affected globally. The impact of mobile phones on online commerce has given birth to the never ending fever and trend of Mobile Commerce or M-commerce. M-commerce largely deals with making a business’s prospects and audiences shop online widely by employing multiple strategies. With the ever increasing cost of advertising for businesses and marketing in different media, mobile commerce offers a relatively cost-effective solution that works wonders in the techno-gig world of today!

How smartphones affect the buying habits of people?

Mobile Commerce has particularly become an important strategy for any business since it largely affects the shopping and buying habits of people. Imagine getting a message on your smartphone that your favorite brand is offering a flat 50% off sale? A number of researches conducted on the buying habits of people online reveal that people fall to the idea of sales and discount offers and the best way to keep your prospects informed about these offers is to send text messages.

Mobile applications, a fundamental part of mobile commerce for the technologically obsessed world of today, is again one of the most productive strategies for businesses. Since most people today tend and prefer to check out the latest collection of fashion outfits, gadgets and brands over their mobile phones, creating mobile applications has become essential. The applications help customers browse through latest collections easily, check prices, place orders, make payments and even track orders easily and instantly. After all, for the busy generation of today, time rules!

Mobile Commerce- A Promising Technology

With the rising and ever increasing craze of shopping online among people these days, it is, no doubt, an assertion that marketing and commerce over smartphones is one of the most promising technologies in today’s world. Mobile commerce is not only phenomenal in offering the desired comfort and convenience to shoppers all over the world and saving their time; it also helps businesses and organizations to market and present themselves effectively in the service of people.

Mobile commerce helps a business to implement the best ever marketing strategies for its customers, create applications for browsing the website through smartphones and a lot more, at a considerably lesser price than any other technology. Also, with the ever increasing usage of mobile phones worldwide, do you think the scope of mobile commerce would ever deplete?


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Pooja Kshirsagar is an SEO Content Writer with OctaShop E-Retail Services Private Limited. She has an experience of over 1 year in writing articles, blogs and press releases in the domains of technology, education and fashion. A graduate in Journalism from a reputed college in Mumbai, Pooja loves travelling, exploring, driving and reading.

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