Snaapiq: The App that Turns Your Selfies into Prizes

October 6, 2014

9:32 am

Take a selfie and you can earn rewards or prizes – yes, it’s that simple. Enter a contest on the Snaapiq app, upload a photo, and see if you’re chosen. No gimmicks or hassle, just a fun way to share your pictures with a community and friends on social media.

According to its site, “Snaapiq turns mobile photography into a game with fun & simple photo contests, where people can win prizes.” Turning photos into dollars, the Snaapiq team has used the popularity of selfies and our obsession with taking photos to create a successful business model.

“We thought of this idea because there were over 600 million pictures uploaded daily to social media,” says Jacob Perler, the CEO of Snaapiq. “Could we find a way to reward people for their pictures?”

Here are a few of the features you should know:

  • It’s easy to use: Users download the app, sign on, and are immediately shown a dozen contests – anything from “Selfie of the Day” to “Funny Pets.”
  • Rate photos: Users can rate photos of other people and see what other content is popular.
  • It’s a game, too: “You get coins for doing all of these actions and the coins relate to rewards,” says Perler. “The goal is to accumulate as many as you can…you see the shopping cart with all of these cool items that you can bid on. If you don’t have enough coins, you can go and simply take and rate more pictures to get the coins you need.”

Snaapiq has over 20,000 downloads to date, over 75,000 pictures uploaded, and thousands of photos rated on the app. Currently, Snaapiq is sponsoring most of their contests, but they do have a few brands that are sponsoring contests. Essentially, Snaapiq doubles as a sales promotion platform for brands. According to their site, they “increase brand loyalty, engage your audience, and skyrocket your social ROI.”

So far, their most popular contest has been the “Copa selfie contest,” which took place during the World Cup.

“It was sponsored by,” says Perler of the contest. “It garnered thousands of photos in Snaapiq and in social media, as well as earned media impressions for, which were very meaningful for them.”

More about Perler and the Snaapiq Team

Perler graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with degrees in Economics and Business. He spent the last 7.5 years as a strategy consultant, but now his role as Snaapiq’s CEO includes daily operations, strategy financing, customer interaction, marketing, and business development of the app.

Ryo Hang, the CTO and Snaapiq cofounder, is from Shanghai and attended TongJi University. He manages the development and design team, oversaw the Android beta release, and built the initial platform. The two met on, a site out of Washington, DC, that pairs potential cofounders together.

“We both were in the corporate world and we both had an entrepreneurial spirit,” says Perler of his business partner. “We worked on our previous startups and realized the reasons they didn’t work out were because he needed a business cofounder and I needed a tech cofounder.”

Through working on a number of startups, Perler says his advice for young entrepreneurs is to really think about how all parts of the business need to come together.

“My advice is to trust your gut and really think about the team, product, and market that you are developing, because all three of those are immensely important for the success of the business,” says Perler.

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