Snapchat Maps Gives Us Firsthand Look at How Bad Hurricane Irma Really Is

September 11, 2017

1:30 pm

In June of this year, Snapchat (Snap) released a new location-sharing feature on the app that received critical feedback. However, the social media company ignored the numerous protests and Snap Maps remained. The feature allows you to see where any of your friends are (when activated and active), but it also lets users press anywhere on the map of the globe to see public Snaps from that area.

During Hurricane Harvey, we saw firsthand how the creepy feature gave us a look into floods, damage, and roads to avoid, and the very same is happening with Hurricane Irma. While Snapchat has various hosted stories, starting with hurricane prep to the results sweeping through the South, users who remained in the area or were unable to evacuate were also sharing terrifying moments, damage done to property, flooded streets, and a bit of humor along the way.

Hurricane Irma Around Florida 

Hurricane Irma Flooding Around Charleston, SC

Unlike your national broadcasts (CNN, FOX) who post up in several key locations to report on the situation, Snap Maps shows hundreds if not thousands of vantage points of Irma’s impact on Florida and as the hurricane travels North through the U.S.

During Hurricane Harvey, another app, Zello, also emerged as an important resource to help people communicate in the flooded areas of Texas. As Irma began to impact island’s leading up to the U.S. the app once again saw a massive increase in downloads in an effort to improve rescue efforts on a local level.

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