Social, eCommerce, and Business Management Tools Rolled Into One Powerful Platform from Dasdak

February 17, 2012

3:00 pm

If you are a startup founder or small business owner, it goes without saying that you are severely crunched for time.  How does a platform that brings together a powerful web presence, social networking, e-commerce, and business management tools in one place sound?  Pretty good, right?

Last night at our DC Winter Mixer, I got to see Dasdak’s social commerce platform in action, as they were one of our showcased startups.  They had a big team at the event doing demos – Greg Anderson walked me through it on an iPad.  I have to say that I was very impressed.

Founders Swaptak Das, Stephen Acott, and Panutat Khunachak really thought this idea through.  Because they all own small businesses, they know that most small business owners fail to take advantage of modern technologies such as mobile ordering, ecommerce, viral marketing, cloud storage, electronic bank transfers, or online job applications. As Marty Hauck, COO, explained:

“We realized that small business owners need free or affordable software solutions all in one platform to manage their operations. Business owners also need to leverage new technologies like mobile commerce to attract customers. As we built the system, we realized that we can have a major impact on customers, employees, and vendors – Dasdak can make everyone’s life a little easier.”

The founding team used themselves as guinea pigs, building the software and implementing it in their own small business in 2008 to test and perfect the system.  They processed over $9 million through the system, managed over 60 employees per year, and automated many business functions to save over $300,000 per year.

Hauck told me that the savings came from the combination of multiple solutions, rather than just one or two, and it really helped them through the terrible economy.  “We also concluded that having multiple solutions in one platform creates valuable synergies that save time and money,” Hauck said.  “So we designed and built Dasdak so other businesses, organizations, or individuals can leverage one or more solutions in our platform to streamline whatever they are doing.”

Their initial target market is hospitality and retail based businesses, but they built Dasdak so that it is flexible for almost any type of business out there – customers include professional sports teams, wholesale distribution companies, teachers, lawyers, sports camps, valet services, college residents halls, and apartment complexes.

Dasdak is currently looking to raise another angel seed round between $200,000 and $500,000.  More information is available on their website.

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