Social Fatigue – Is the Answer Found in More?

August 16, 2011

3:00 pm

Over the last few weeks, there has been a dialogue emerging around the topic of social media fatigue – too many posts, too many messages and not enough meaningful, personalized information.  The rollout of Google Plus finds itself at an interesting point – providing users the strategic placement of friends and contacts within Circles, while at the same time complicating the user experience because of this road block.  What seems to answer one challenge creates another.

In a July 2011 Fast Company article, “Circles Fatigue: The Dark Side of Google+,” the author noted, “In playing around with Google Plus in the past weeks, I’ve started to feel that Google Plus is asking too much from me.” In another post from Gigaom published last week, the author discussed the great benefits from the use of social media – the political struggles of Egypt and Libya, which were fueled, shared and broadcast via social media, but also brought attention to the darker side, which was revealed in the current situation in London.  The post also questions lost productivity time to social gaming and the “same-ness” that is starting to filter in as each channel strives to grow their user base while balancing revenue needs.

What does this all mean for developers and start-ups who are focused on social network integration?  One word: opportunity.  Your audience is seeking answers, a facilitated user experience and more than what they are currently getting.  They aren’t necessarily seeking more connections, followers or Circles, but more meaning, relevancy and content.

The initial thrill of social networking is gone, so now the true test becomes how to make it mine, ours, yours.  Listen to your audience, gain insights into what they are looking for, merge your ideas with those of your buyers to create something unique.  Now is a great time for innovation, smart thinking and giving us what we are looking for…more.

Let’s hear from you.  Do you feel burdened by social fatigue?  What brought you to this point?  What opportunities do you see for developers in this space?

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