Social Geo-Location Goes To Space with NASA

October 23, 2010

2:04 am

Are you fascinated with space and technology? I am. It was only a matter of time before the paths of social technology and space crossed – now social geo-location has gone to space.

Last week, NASA teamed up with Gowalla to create some virtual items that will inspire discovery by connecting people with the places around them. To help people find the lunar samples, Gowalla and JESS3, a creative agency and friend of Tech Cocktail that specializes in data visualization, created a unique NASA+Gowalla Map: Search for the Moon Rocks. Use the map to collect the various moon rocks and and other badges.

NASA + Gowalla + Jess3

Today, NASA partnered with Foursquare to do the first ever Foursquare check-in from space. Commander Douglas H. Wheelock became the first human to ever use a location-based service from space by checking into the Expedition 25 International Space Station and unlocked the new NASA Explorer Badge. This is quite the social ge0-location accomplishment, and one that not too many Foursquare users will be able to do unless companies like Virgin Galactic start flying commercial to the Space Station. JESS3 again aided NASA in connecting with Foursquare. I applaud NASA for its participation and social media efforts.

Check out the video (below) of the first NASA Foursquare check-in from space. It would be interesting to see how much a minute in space costs NASA and the how the impact from the social media activity outweighs that cost. I’m sure it’s well worth it for a shot at competing for the first Foursquare mayorship in space.

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