Social Media Hour: Election Day and Uber Cease and Desist

November 2, 2010

12:00 pm

This week’s show is all about disruption and changing paradigms in two very different spaces. It may not be a “major” election year, but this year’s cycle is getting plenty of attention – and that is due in very large part to the way in which candidates are leveraging new media technologies to engage voters. What of the way technology is changing the nature of politics overall? Partisanship? Party loyalty? In this week’s episode we’ll hear from two experts whose view of the political landscape come from opposite ends of the spectrum – Republican strategist Steve Pearson and Democrat-inclined author, BlogHer political editor and social media expert Sarah Granger.

Also this week Ryan Graves, the CEO of hot Bay Area start-up Uber (formerly UberCab) that we covered previously. Providing top notch, efficient cab/car service in the Bay Area, this start-up recently received a cease & desist sparked by local cabbies & limo companies saying it was impeding their business. Ryan will talk about how the company has evolved, and where they go from here.

[audio:|titles=Social Media Hour Episode 80 |artists=Cathy Brooks with Steve Pearson Sarah Granger and Ryan Graves ]

Social Media Hour Episode #80

Editor’s Note: Cathy Brooks’s Social Media Hour offers a rotating selection of top industry experts to discussion about the way in which social media is impacting business and society. You can find Cathy’s work at Story Navigation and follow her on Twitter: @CathyBrooks.

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