Social Media and Referrals Are the Top Ways Businesses Get Talent

August 17, 2017

9:20 am

Social media managers, rejoice: Your job skills are in higher demand than ever, as the best businesses everywhere increasingly turn to social media in order to pull in the high-quality talent that they need in order to stay competitive.

The news is from the research and consulting firm Universum Global, which tracks employers and their top talent in order to figure out the best ways to bring them together. Here are the two big takeaways from the Employer Branding Now 2017 report, just out today.

Social Media Matters

According to Universum research, the companies rely on certain channels to build up their brand reputation among students who may then become employees. Of these channels, social media was the most influential — with an exception for medium sized companies, who placed it second to a personal website.

“The main takeaway here is that social media has become a mainstay of recruitment marketing among companies of all sizes. If you’re not investing in your social media presence, you’re likely to fall behind your talent competitors,” James Barraclough, Head of Activation EMEA at Universum, said in a statement.

Employee References Are On the Rise

Among the companies Universum focused on — the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE) — one particular channel has been on the rise in recent years: referrals. Here’s how they explained the data.

“Employee referral continues to see a significant bump in increased investment this year with 56 percent of the WMAE reporting the intention to increase their spend. In the same vein, promoting employer advocacy has become increasingly more important to companies as a primary employer brand objective, increasing from 30 percent to 41 percent among the WMAE. Following the lead of WMAE, 34 percent of large, 30 percent of medium and 20 percent of small businesses are making employee advocacy the main priority of their employer brand communication.”

And where do employees go when looking to send out a few referrals? Probably their favorite social platform. Like I said, social media managers should love this latest tidbit of data-driven news.

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