Julien Smith on the Power of Visibility at SocialDevCamp Chicago

August 24, 2011

1:30 pm

Julien Smith, co-author of the best-selling book Trust Agents, closes out the first day of SocialDevCamp Chicago on Saturday, August 27th with a keynote that addresses the power of visibility.  Julien will discuss the need for start-ups, companies and entrepreneurs alike to gain and sustain attention to convert prospects into sales and build brand ambassadors.

This session brings together the diverse SocialDevCamp audience of developers, who need to sustain attention currency, and the marketers and social media strategists, who need to make that happen.

Tech Cocktail (TC): How have you implemented the Power of Visibility within your own professional life, sustaining the momentum from Trust Agents after publication?

Julien Smith (JS): I realized that most people create terrible content because they are rather normal people with regular lives. Creating ridiculously amazing content requires at least a modicum of having an irregular life. So I realized I had to up my game, start doing amazing stuff in order to be able to have different things to say. That’s how I’m able to produce the content I do and have it spread as it does.

TC: What tips can you share with a startup to help them lay a foundation of visibility that is relevant to their audience, not just to themselves?

JS: Creating a channel should begin at birth. This is not hyperbole. Even if you don’t know what the channel will be used for, it will be unquestionably useful the larger it is. So don’t wait until you have a startup to start creating things.

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