SocialSmack: Social Consumer Reviews With a Gaming Twist

October 6, 2010

6:04 pm

Social media tools have given us the power to share comments and thoughts on whatever we like, and often times those comments are directed at brands and companies with which we interact. These comments, positive or negative, can be a great resource for someone who is doing research before making a purchase. But all this information can be spread across multiple networks like Twitter and Facebook which can make it difficult to get the whole picture. It would be nice to have a centralized place to see what people are saying about a particular brand. An Austin based company called SocialSmack is trying to fill that void.

SocialSmack is a platform that allows anyone to share their opinions on brands, companies, or whatever they wish. Users of the site can leave “props” for positive reviews and “drops” for negative ones, akin to a thumbs up or down. In addition to the”Props” and “Drops”, comments can also be left to give more information as to why the review was positive or negative. Users can also leave comments on and up-vote or down-vote the reviews themselves. This ties into the game mechanic that is a part of SocialSmack. There is a leader board and users can earn points and badges based on their activity on the site. This will definitely encourage users to be active on the site and in turn, make the site more useful.

On the flip side SocialSmack gives brands a way to see what is being said about them. Brands have the ability to “claim their brand” on SocialSmack, in essence giving the brand a profile on the site. It lets users know that someone is listening. This is very powerful and will encourage more feedback if users know that someone will hear what they have to say.  Also, in November SocialSmack will be rolling out a product for brands called BrandSMACK. BrandSMACK will allow brands to download sentiment reports, import twitter mentions to their profile, and get alerts when the brand is “Propped” or “Dropped”. However, it seems that all this data will be limited to the activity on SocialSmack. It would be more helpful to brands if they pulled data from other places online.

It will be interesting to see how SocialSmack fares.  The product has an intriguing mix of game mechanics, and benefits for both brands and consumers. Come check them out as they demo at TECH cocktail Austin on October 7th. Oh and be sure to sign-up and give some props to Tech Cocktail on SocialSmack. 🙂

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Mark Bebawy (@markbebawy) is a Washington, D.C. metro native with a passion for all things web, social media, and startup related. Mark has an extensive background in technology, having worked in the field running his own IT consulting company that catered to small business.

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