SocialTagg: Making Networking Easier Than Ever Before

September 21, 2013

10:00 am

Making meaningful connections at events is difficult. Try to think of all the times you’ve come home from an event or tradeshow with a stack of business cards and then had to painstakingly enter the information into your contact list. It’s a huge pain, right?

Not only is it time consuming, but it defeats the purpose of even attending the event. First, you can’t remember who gave you which card. Second, you may enter the information incorrectly into your contacts. Third, you might potentially miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Karim Varela, President of SocialTagg, has developed a technologically relevant solution for people who find themselves stuck in this loop. SocialTagg brings salvation to the networking game with two letters: QR.

The first SocialTagg product is a business card replacement app available for both iOS and Android. Users who sign up for it get a personalized QR code that houses all of their contact information. Instead of exchanging business cards, you can simply scan somebody’s QR code to get all of their digitized contacted information.

“We recognized the need for improved networking at an AT&T Hackathon in Hollywood last year,” says Varela. “We actually built our first prototype business card replacement solution at that hackathon.”

To go along with their app, SocialTagg takes the initiative to back up all contact information on a cloud storage system. If one of your new network connections changes their address, goes to a new company, or gets promoted to a new position, everything is automatically updated to your contact file for them.

“Currently our main users are business networkers in their 20s and 30s,” says Varela. “We see slower adoption with older business people as they have been using business cards for longer and have a harder time letting go of them, most likely.”

When it comes to making the operations of events smoother, SocialTagg is not only paying attention to the attendees. The team is working on releasing a second product, an event check-in platform, for event organizers that goes hand in hand with their business card replacement app.

Organizers can quickly and easily check-in their attendees and get real-time analytics about who is checking in, when people are checking in, and what kinds of QR code connections are being made. In addition, event organizers have the ability to send their attendees a survey about the event and see the results right in their dashboard.

SocialTagg released their Android and iOS apps in May 2013, and they recently hit the 500 user milestone. As they move forward, they are looking to extend the technological capability beyond QR codes into Near Field Communications and Bluetooth Low Energy to bring in as many users as possible and make networking easier than ever before.

“Our biggest challenge has simply been to get people to download the app and give it a shot,” explains Varela. “But our biggest triumph thus far was winning best pitch at Tech Cocktail LA!”

SocialTagg was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Los Angeles Mixer & Startup Showcase on September 5th. 

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