SocioTransit Is a Sustainable and Cost-Effective Way to Transport Products around the Globe

March 3, 2014

7:00 pm

Need an economical and safe way to send something to the other side of the world (or maybe just the other side of the state) and have some flexibility as to how and when it gets there? Perhaps SocioTransit can help you out.

SocioTransit is a Copenhagen-based social networking site that connects travelers with people needing to send or pick up something from another part of the globe. The objects for transport can range from a can of Turkish coffee to an iPhone to toys (for kids and adults, I presume).

The platform allows for open communication directly between the sender and the traveler, with all payments taking place online.  No transfer of secure information is necessary, or recommended.  Since safety is an obvious concern with such a marketplace, the website spells out all of the security features and recommendations. From the website:

“We recommend all users that before carrying out transaction, it’s important that they should try to connect with each other on social media, get acquainted with each other and get contact details of each other. The goods or package which is being carried must be checked by traveller thoroughly and there shall be no mismatch between what is booked on sociotransit website and physical thing or good being sent. In any discrepancy, immediately warn the website and abandon carrying the goods/package!!”

Other safety features include secure online payments, detailed profiles that empowers users to establish a reputation, authentic reviews that can only be posted after a confirmed transaction has taken place, community flagging, and the ability to build a network of friends and references similar to Airbnb.

So now for a quick run-through how it works.  First, register and set up a free profile. Then you can search through the list of travelers and if you find someone coming from a place where you’d like something, request that they pick it up for you. You can build a bit of a rapport with them before the transaction takes place, and they are at full liberty to accept or deny your request. You can also post an advertisement for an object you would like to receive or deliver and wait for potential travelers to find you.

SocioTransit is still in beta and there are new features in the works that will help travelers earn money while transiting. They were also a featured startup at The Challenge Cup – London back in November.

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