Socrative Spices Up The Classroom With Learning Platform

September 23, 2011

10:58 am

The classroom as we know it hasn’t changed much since our grandparents attended school. Chalks turned in to markers, overhead projectors were replaced by laptops and color projectors, but nothing really changed the way in which teachers interact with their students.  Socrative, a startup founded by Amit Maimon and Ben Berte, is looking to revolutionize teaching by helping teachers engage the class with educational activities on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their modern-age students through exercises, quizzes and games. The system keeps track of student performance and provides real-time data to allow teachers to assess their students, and improve learning over time. Socrative offers students using iOS and Android devices a mobile app, while others can use the Socrative site from any device with web access.

Socrative’s model is to license its cross platform mobile solution to school and districts, as well as to provide it to OEMs through partnerships with device manufacturers, publishers and smart-board providers. The company so far has been incubated and self-funded, and is now looking to raise seed funding.

Socrative CEO Amit Maimon tells us that Socrative has been used by over 40,000 teachers and students and reached 500,000 minutes of use last month. It seems to be getting some great feedback – one teacher stated that Socrative saves her 80 minutes per week in grading time, while another teacher said, “It is the easiest, most user-friendly site I have used, and it gives me so much feedback in an instant! The kids are very motivated. I am such a believer.”

So, will our children have more fun in the classroom than we ever did? That’s up to startups like Socrative and others, and we’ll have to wait to see if they can transform the classroom.

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