What Hurricane? Get Access to Electricity via Solar Generators from SUNRNR

August 27, 2011

12:12 pm

Though a little too late for our surprise earthquake this past Tuesday and Hurricane Irene that has started soaking us here across the East Coast, we just came across a company located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia called SUNRNR. They manufacture a clean, silent, portable generator power system that stores renewable energy from the sun in a rechargeable battery.  Perfect for those times – earthquakes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, blizzards – when you need backup electricity.

As they point out on their website – and we all know this – Americans have access to cheap electricity via an overburdened utility grid system. When it fails, we are painfully reminded how much we rely on electricity for everything.

Here’s how a SUNRNR can get you through one full day in the summer (sorry, but there is no way you are going to have central a/c  going):

  • EnergyStar Refrigerator: 50 W/hr (avg) for 24 hr  = 1200 W
  • Ceiling fan, high speed: 75 W/hr for 16 hr = 1200 W
  • Lights (2 “60W” LED): 6 W/hr for 3 hr  = 18 W
  • Phone Charger: 14 W/hr for 0.5 hr = 7 W
  • Computer/Radio/TV: 150 W/hr for 1 hr  = 150 W

So we have a total of 2575 W.  A SUNRNR only stores 2000W, but with only one solar panel (130W/hr) and 8 hours of sun after the storm, you’ll make up that deficit.

The company is currently bootstrapped and is looking for some funding to complete their company infrastructure and grow past “cottage-level.”

If you are interested in buying one, this is the perfect time to do so, as their line of Sun Runner generators are discounted through September in support of National Preparedness Month (use code NPM11).  You can buy directly from them, or through their distributors; you may even be eligible for a tax credit.

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