The Netherlands Builds World’s First Solar-Paneled Road

November 10, 2014

4:40 pm

Collective Evolution today reported on a story out of the Netherlands that two Amsterdam suburbs, Krommenie and Wormerveer, have just been connected via a solar-paneled bike path. It spans a 70 meter stretch, and to date they’re the first country in the world to open a solar road for public use.

This comes not too far behind an article I recently penned for Solar Roadways; a company that has made it their mission to see driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, and actual highways here in America paved with solar panels. There was a lot of initial negativity surrounding the concept, but then Solar Roadways raised $2.2 million on Indiegogo and the idea caught like wildfire.

The SolaRoad, as it’s been named by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, is made up of rows of crystalline silicon solar cells. The cells are fully embedded into the concrete of the path, and then covered with a layer of translucent, tempered glass.

The path will open to the public on November 12, 2014, and cost about $4.3 million US. It was created as the first step in a project that the local government hopes will see the path extended to 100 meters by 2016.

Community members have readily accepted the new road, and they’re excited for the future plans the government has for powering everything from traffic lights to electric cars with solar technology. It might not be the biggest road ever, but it’s the first. And it’s absolutely a step in the right direction for other countries and neighborhoods looking to pave their own solar-paneled paths and roads.





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