Solutions Architect Tops the Latest List of Highest Paid Positions in Tech

July 17, 2017

1:30 pm

The future is bright for tech professionals: average tech salaries have jumped 7.7 percent in the last year, and are now up to a whopping $96,370, according to a Fast Company stat. But which professions are earning far above that number, and which are dipping below the average?

The Top Paying Jobs In Tech

The latest data from the LinkedIn Payscale has the answer: become a Solutions Architect. They have a median average pay of $124,000, which rockets them to the top of the tech job sweepstakes. If they build out a career in the San Francisco Bay area in particular, they’ll be even better off, but the position also pays the most for those early in their career. According to the payscale, the average Solutions Architect in training sees a $105,000 paycheck in their first year.

Here’s the top five list of the highest paying jobs in tech, as compiled by eCard Shack:

  1. Solutions Architect – $124,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Washington and New York City.

  2. Data Scientist – $106,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

  3. Hardware Engineer – $105,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Seattle and Austin, Texas.

  4. Data Engineer – $100,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Seattle and New York City.

  5. Software Engineer – $92,000. Top paying locations: San Francisco Bay, Seattle and New York.

Other great positions in the tech community include UX designer, electrical engineer, and QA manager.

As you might be able to tell from the cities listed for each of the top positions, there are three top locations overall for tech jobs, and they’re unlikely to surprise anyone. The San Francisco Bay area is first, followed by the rapidly-growing Seattle, with New York City at third.

What’s the first place to start if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to find your path in the startup community? If you’re willing to relocate, check out TechCo’s list of every major startup accelerator and incubator in Seattle. And if you’re still in school, looking a potential majors, maybe revisit becoming a Solutions Architect. Doing what you love is most important, of course, but that extra $124k can’t hurt.

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