Sony Tablet S: Unique Design and Performance With A Focus On Entertainment

January 14, 2012

4:06 pm

There were already a number of tablet options out in the marketplace when Sony entered the market with the Sony Table S earlier this year. Focused on creating a compelling device that would attract new users to the tablet market, the team at Sony looked to offer a superior Android experience with better design, performance and, of course, an amazing entertainment experience to support their overall brand.

We were able to talk with Ty Takayanagi, Sony’s Director of Network Technology and Services Division, about the Sony Tablet S, and learn about the four strategic pillars they are focused on:

Design – The Sony Tablet S offers a “folding design” inspired by a magazine with its cover folded open; it shifts the device’s weight closer to your palm, making it feel lighter. It’s an off-center design that also provides users with an incline for typing when placed on a surface. So when it is held in your hand, like a magazine with the cover folded over, the weight is better distributed for comfort, and it makes multi-tasking easier (like sipping your coffee while reading morning news on the tablet).

Performance – The Sony Tablet S was developed with a focus on usability.  The product team looked to improve upon a regular Android tablet experience by offering a couple of improvements. First, they offer an embedded quick view so the browser renders more quickly. Second, they created a quick touch optimized touch screen. This improves the touch screen capabilities of a regular Android platform device by adding an additional sensor layer on top of the standard Android touchscreen. Most Android touch screens feel like they lag, so this is an important differentiator.

Connectivity – The Sony Tablet S is connected. It can work as a universal remote control for your home once configured with codes for your TV. It also offers a unique “throw feature” that enables you to literally share multimedia (i.e. movies, music, etc) from the tablet to your TV or other device (DLNA technology) seamlessly. You may have seen this in some of the Sony commercials on television.

Network Entertainment – Sony’s brand is perhaps best coupled with entertainment, so it’s no surprise that the Sony Tablet S is all about content, books, video and music. It is also the first PlayStation-certified device, which means that, yes, you can play PlayStation games on the device as well. If you are into Crash Bandicoot and other titles, you can now take them with you on the Sony Tablet S.

And of course, this being at its core an Android device, the tablet is an open platform with opportunities that Sony is leveraging. For developers and entrepreneurs interested in building something special for the Sony Table S, there is a program crafted just for you – the Sony Developer Program.  You can join the Android-based Sony Developer program here.

Sony also has a “Select App” area that highlights unique applications being developed with the Sony Tablet in mind (unfortunately you need the device to see the Select App area). The company recently supported the Adobe AIR Challenge, which awarded developers with cash prizes plus premium promotion of their apps for Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P (coming soon) via this program. We expect additional programs will be launched in 2012 with the official launch of the Sony Tablet P.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SONY as part of their sponsorship of Tech Cocktail’s LA and San Diego mixer events. 

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