Sony’s VR Bundle Is the Cheapest VR Deal You’ll Nab This Month

December 12, 2017

11:30 am

If you missed your shot at VR deals this past Black Friday, never fear: In anticipation of the just-slightly-more-last-minute shoppers, a few of the best deals on virtual reality gadgets and gear have opened back up again.

Virtual reality is one of the highest profile tech trends of the past decade. Granted, it’s still trying to get the widespread adaptation it needs to take off, but that just means it’s even cooler to have your own personal headset. Here are the deals.

Sony’s PSVR Bundle, $277

Sony’s bundle includes the PlayStation VR, a PS Camera, and a copy of the Gran Turismo Sport game. One catch: It’s an older version of the VR headset, so it’s a little bulkier than it could be. Amazon’s third-party market has its ups and downs, but $277 is the cheapest you’re likely to find, as even its official Black Friday deal was $300.

Still, this is a great price, and you’re unlikely to get a better deal on any VR starter kit like this — Sony has sold 2 million of its VR headsets already, so they must be doing something right.

HTC Vive, $599

See what I mean about how cheap the Sony deal was? The HTC VR System — which includes a headset, controller and camera — will run you $599.


Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System, $399

The device’s “ultra low-latency tracking” is a selling feature, and this deal comes with 6 free game titles to check out.

Pansonite VR Headset, $37

If you just want to watch 3D movies and you own a smartphone, this is the cheapest way to reach your goal: Just holster your phone in the headset and strap it to your head. It’s a little low rent, but if you want to try the immersive experience and stay up-to-date on the latest VR films and apps, you might not want to invest in a pricer headset. And if you want to try VR games, just purchase a Bluetooth controller to hook up to it as well.

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